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i have completed my graduation in nov 2012 an have worked for just for 2 months at sami labs and now am planing to start a drug distribution business in bangalore .

i have a little knowledge about it, i want to know more about the buisness  like what will the  investment , copetators ,legal formalities etc......... 

kindly help me

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First try figure it out that do you want to distribute other's product or want to create your own brands...


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I made this website primarily because of the evolution I see the pharmaceutical industry is going through. For the fact that there are so many talented, experienced, and motivated pharmaceutical professionals with expertise in a wide variety of life sciences fields who have the ideas and the capabilities to establish new companies but are not able to acquire the funds to take them off the ground. And I believe that only by facilitating the start up of these new companies and organizations we can ensure the health and prosperity of our industry.

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The goal of this site is to bring pharmaceutical entrepreneurs and investors together to share best practices, learn from each other, showcase our technologies, and give others the opportunity to offer a helping hand or some advice.

This site is dedicated to those who work in the pharmaceutical industry and all of its branches. The site’s mission is to provide the possibility to share resources and information, become informed of opportunities and interesting projects and news, improve career and entrepreneurial skills, showcase our work, and meet. Its greater goal is to revolutionize the way pharmaceutical industry professionals relate.

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The spirit of this site is summarized in two words: Sharing and Collaboration. The industry is changing rapidly, and I believe it’s for the better. Its rapid globalization gives us a chance to work and collaborate with our colleagues across the continents, learn from each other and as a group ensure the industry progresses in a way that also betters science and humanity.

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I am hoping that this site would give all of us the opportunity to communicate with life sciences entrepreneurs and also the investors around the globe. I am hoping that it would enable us to enhance our professional network. I am also hoping that it would enable us to better our technologies and ideas, learn from each other's mistakes, and guide each other in the right direction.

Pharmaceutical professionals around the world have so much in common and we all speak the same language. The pharma language.


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